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from Rolf, DK7IN

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stamp USA stamp Djibouti Amateur Radio (also called ham radio) is a hobby dedicated to worlwide radio communication. They did it on the shortwave bands long before mobile phones and satellites were invented. It often had been hams, that advanced the technology with the begin of the last century. Now with all that technical gadgets and the internet our hobby is not so exciting for "normal" people anymore. But it remains fun to communicate with people on the other side of the earth without using the telecom infrastructure. And we have the opportunity to build and test highly sophisticated circuits, we even have several own satellites in orbit, that have been build and financed by the ham community.

vy 73 is an abbreviation, coming from the ancient morse code time, but now often used in ham radio speech connections, too. Its meaning is something like best regards or many greetings.

stamp Berlin stamp Heidelberg I'm now living in Berlin, Germany and have a secondary QTH (location) with a better shortwave antenna near Heidelberg.

On my private homepage you can find ham radio and other technical projects besides some other information.

There is a small homepage about my company too, but it's only available in German.

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